School Safety

We Are Proactive to Ensure School Safety

St. Dennis continues to be proactive in ensuring school safety for all students, faculty and staff. All doors are locked 24-hours a day with an electronic locking system and all entryways are monitored by cameras. Teachers and students are continuously trained in mental health, internet safety and physical safety measures.

Parents may apply for a key card for access to the school during school hours. Please see Mrs. Stanek if you’d like one. If you do not have a key card, you may ring the bell. You will be asked who you are prior to being allowed entrance. You must sign in and sign out in the school office.

Safety drills are practiced frequently and parents are kept continuously informed of new safety protocols as they are introduced.

In addition to these protocols, St. Dennis School as been blessed with a series of safety grants from the State of Wisconsin. With this money, we have installed security cameras, new doors and a check-in kiosk. Teachers are also in the process of completing training in Adverse Education and Trauma Sensitive Teaching.