Keep Bullying at Bay

Providing a Safe, Secure, and Respectful Learning Environment

St. Dennis School strives to provide a safe, secure, and respectful learning environment for all students in school buildings, on school grounds, and school buses and at school-sponsored activities. Bullying is deliberate, unwanted behavior that involves an imbalance of power. Bullying can have a harmful social, physical, psychological and/or academic impact on students who are the targets of bullying behaviors, students who engage in bullying behaviors, and bystanders that observe acts of bullying. St Dennis will consistently and vigorously address bullying so that there is no disruption to the learning environment and learning process.

St. Dennis School has a no tolerance policy when dealing with bullying. Bullying is NOT just “a part of life” or a “normal part of growing up.” St. Dennis School does not allow bullying behavior toward or by students, school employees or volunteers on school grounds, at school-sponsored activities or in transportation to and from school or school-sponsored activities.

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