Parish Liaison

Enhance the relationship with the parish by increasing communication between the parish and school and looking for new ways to collaborate, including but not limited to service projects and supporting social events.


  • Coordinate Donut Sunday once per month with parish contact and Home & School Volunteer Coordinator
  • Propose to Home & School board new ideas for collaboration (events, service project, etc)
  • Make contact with appropriate parish staff, teachers/school staff, and volunteers to make new ideas happen.
  • Create list of contacts in Parish for different things (donuts, other events, finance)

Communications Coordinator

Streamline communications from Home & School to parents and other stakeholders by using technology to increase efficiency and timeliness of messaging.


  • Send out all Home & School communications
  • Respond/forward for action emails to the Home & School email address
  • Create instructions for those in back-up role for communications
  • Work with Principal and Home & School Board to identify best options for communications next year

Committee Chair Liaison

Develop and share event coordination information with committee chairs in order to ease the logistical burden on chairs and the Home & School board, and to ensure a smooth transition of committee chair roles each year.


  • Create checklist for committee chairs with helpful information: budget, contact info for facilities, expectation for communications with board, and how to access Home & School supplies in basement
  • Create and share a template for proposal to board pre-event
  • Share Treasure’s budget document for actual costs and post-event feedback
  • Send out all information to committee chairs after first meeting of the year, when budget is final
  • Answer questions or send them to appropriate board member
  • Present on behalf of committee if committee chair/member can’t attend Home & School meeting

Teacher Liaison

Serve as the point of contact between teachers and Home & School in order to increase communication and gain timely feedback on important issues.


  • Remind teachers/staff of Home & School meeting dates and time, invite them
  • Share feedback (good, bad, etc) with Home & School from teachers/staff as a group when appropriate
  • Provide insight from teachers/staff on events that are teachers/staff heavy: field trips, Catholic Schools Week, etc
  • Forward all Home & School communications to teachers/staff
  • Provide delivery service for birthday and anniversary cards from Home & School to teachers/staff
  • Assist in answering questions/logistics for Home & School that involve teachers/rooms (ex: childcare for meetings)

Grant Coordinator

Receive, respond to, and track board actions for project ideas/grant requests to Home & School.


  • Serve as point of contact for people to send ideas for Home & School to execute with grant fund or grant proposals
  • Bring ideas, proposal to board and follow up with requestor after board decisions
  • Hand off requestor to Treasurer when appropriate, for approved projects
  • Create a spreadsheet of requests and actions. Update as necessary and share with board members on a regular basis

Research Coordinator

Organize the effort to research and learn from other Home & School Associations in the diocese.


  • Establish a list of contacts at schools in the dioceses
  • After making contact, create a list of schools that do and do not have Home & School association or equivalent
  • For those that do, begin research into how they operate (by-laws, operations, fundraisers, events)
  • Present information on research at board meetings

Website Coordinator

Update the website as requested by the Home & School Board or Principal and facilitate upgrades or other requests to the vendor as necessary.


  • Update website as requested by Home & School Board
  • Create list/pages/information that can be updated by this position, and what content needs to be updated by Stephan & Brady (design firm)
  • Work with website vendor to learn stats about website- most visited page, etc
  • Manage requests to vendor for upgrades/content coordinator can’t update
  • Draft instructions for updating to be shared with next person for this position

Giving Tree Coordinator

Develop and host the Giving Tree program which will ask parishioners to fund small budget requests that come from teachers to Home & School, several times a year.


  • Coordinate with board to identify giving tree requests
  • Create re-usable giving tree display
  • Select dates to present giving tree at masses (2-3/year) and arrange logistics with parish contacts
  • Write instructions on how to coordinate this project for future use

Liaison to Principal/Family Mentor

Collaborate with the principal and new family mentor to learn how Home & School can best support recruiting and mentoring efforts.